NZT-48 Modafinil: The Real Time Limitless Pill for Nootropics [2020 Report]

Truth about Modafinil – Real-Time NZT-48 from Movie Limitless!

Brainpower can be easily enhanced using smart drugs which have been depicted in many movies like Limitless and Lucy.

But this ability to use 100% of brain capacity is a myth which in Lucy was the end result of CPH4 was Scarlett Johansson disappearing and becoming everywhere!

Similarly, you can see the role of NZT in the movie limitless where Bradley Cooper excelled at everything he does after taking a single dose of NZT-48 (thallanylzirconio-methyl-tetrahydro-triazatriphenylene) which according to boys in the kitchen wasn’t available to ordinary people. 

This leads us to Modafinil or ModafinilXL which in many countries considered Over the Counter Drug but it’s not!

Modafinil is a psycho-stimulant that gives an extra boost to your brain power and helps you work 24 hours without a blip.

People say there are no side effects by Modafinil which is not entirely true, but there is evidence of improved mental skills which an ideal Nootropic works like. 

Do these hard to believe performance-enhancing drugs exist? Is modafinil the closest NZT substitute?

Does NZT-48 or CPH4 Exist in Real Life?

The idea of NZT came up from the nootropics which have real but minor ability to increase brain performance.

NZT-48 Limitless Pill - Does the Bradley Cooper Limitless Pill Exist?

The way we saw it in movies like Limitless was too much exaggerated, a real-time NZT-48 wouldn’t work like this since the dosage has to be tapered and there are thousands of other things regarding the drug metabolism and how it reaches the brain without causing never damage every single day. 

The question here is, does NZT-48 or NZT like drugs are available over the counter? Or mat it be in not so much distant future?

We heard of natural nootropics a lot which are used to treat impaired cognitive functions. And this is not a myth but there are real-time customers who found these Nootropic supplements quite useful for more alert and focus. 

Some anecdotal experiences cannot be trusted especially when we are talking about a drug formula.

This led some group of researchers to compare the formula of NZT-48 and other nootropic supplements on placebo-controlled humans which then noticed positive effects. 

But still, no smart drug available these days works like the magnitude of limitless pills.

We only see the film stars mimicking the euphoric effect which in reality might not be suitable for a human mind to contain. Bu the results are spectacular though! 

Reality about Nootropics and What They Can Do?

Nootropics (“Smart Drugs” or “Cognitive Enhancers”) for brain

Nootropics are the latest form of smart drugs that work on the brain area by improving the neurons signaling mechanism to other neurons.

The ability of the brain to resist can also be reduced plus it recovers some part of your brain from overexertion which we all find ourselves in. 

The general mechanism of Nootropics is to boost the cognitive support, raising your IQ level has nothing to do with it.

You won’t either have telekinetic power or can lift things without mind as depicted in those movies. 

Nootropics in 2020 are well-known for their cognitive boost effect during work, study and other tasks that require intense focus and concentration.

This is why Modafinil is considered the best in the class! 

Modafinil – A Real Life NZT-48 (Smart Drug with Definite Results)

Amongst the nootropics available today, Modafinil is the one that gets as close to the NZT-48 and CPH4 with no sign of delusions or hallucination.

NZT-48 Modafinil is an effective cognitive enhancement nootropic

Many nootropics upon multiple dosages are capable to provide the real-time effect which in the case of Modafinil takes only a single dose.

Its fast-acting and need less time to be metabolized, its action is less subtle in the brain like many other smart drugs. 

The primary effect of Modafinil is to increase the focus and concentration in a person, secondly, it improves the production of Dopamine in the brain.

Modafinil results include improvements in memory, learning, and speaking. 

How Modafinil Works?

Modafinil mechanism of action involves the stimulation of sleep-wake-cycle areas of the brain.

When stimulated, these elements enhance the focus while waking state for many hours.

When you are on Modafinil, it’s really really hard to feel tired or sleepy, you can even work for 15 hours a day and it won’t bother you. 

Modafinil actually stimulates the 3 types of neurotransmitters located in the brain.

These are:

1) Orexin

Orexin is the primary concern for the sleep-wake cycle which carries the function of waking part.

The neuropeptide travels from the deep part of the brain and reaches to the cerebral cortex, once it’s stimulated the feelings of alertness and focus are tremendous multiplies. 

Narcolepsy is the condition occurs where there is a malfunctioned Orexin system that develops in your brain.

In this condition, a person suffers from exceeding feelings of lethargy and sluggishness or even doze off unexpectedly.

This is where Modafinil is recommended by the doctors to treat a condition like Narcolepsy. 

2) Histamine

Histamine has many functions in the human body which also cause allergic reactions as a protective response.

However, in the brain area, Histamine has a completely different role.

It has stimulating effects on the brain just like Orexin that plays an important part in the sleep-wake cycle.

Once histamine is released in the brain, the sense of arousal and concentration rises up pretty higher. 

3) Dopamine

Modafinil is known to increase the concentration of dopamine in the brain which is one of the main neurotransmitters for feeling calm and happy.

Dopamine has other roles in the ark such as maintaining the healthy habits in your daily life which upon following give us a dose of Oxytocin, another hormone secreted to make us feel good and ecstatic. 

People having less amount of Dopamine in their system tend to be less happy and have more chances to suffer from ADHD or ADD.

The Dopaminergic system also involves in the process of learning and focusing on tasks that you perform every day. 

Modafinil Results – What to Expect?

As you have already known it by now that Modafinil works differently than the fictional drugs like CPH4 and NZT.

It’s time to see the outcomes! 

Modafinil Onset

It takes only 1-2 hours for Modafinil to start the chemical reaction which produces the desired effects.

It also depends on a person’s diet, what you have eaten beforehand would also affect the onset.

Modafinil is known to be a part of drug-food interaction in which both entities are competing with each other for achieving higher absorption. 

This is why it is recommended to take Modafinil after a meal because at times it also exerts appetite suppressing effect.  

How Does It Feel Like?

Modafinil has nothing to do with increasing your IQ knowledge and making you smart, the only certain effect is the wakefulness that you experience in real-time with more focus.

These effects are the reason why Modafinil is being abused by the students, business professional and those who are involved in creating art.

The compound enables the tough and mentally challenged tasking activities. 

One the Modafinil reviews say “I feel completely tune in to what I am working on”. 

Many people after taking Modafinil noted their memory retention ability has greatly increased. They don’t forget things anymore as they used to, such as forgetting car keys at the door or in the elevator. 

Buy Modafinil Online

There are many ways you can get Modafinil for yourself.

You can either buy it from the local pharmacies which will cost you so much, plus it also requires a doctor’s prescription which many of us do not have. 

Buy Modafinil Online: Provigil (Modafinil) 'Smart drug'

You can also look for Modafinil or best alternative to Modafinil at Amazon, GNC, Walmart, CVS and other online stores!

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Modafinil Side Effects – Are There Any?

Modafinil has a list of side effects out of which the majority are non-lethal or not severe.

Some of these side effects are:

  • Headache
  • Hunger Suppression
  • Muscle Tension
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Skin rash


The smart drugs from movies Lucy and Limitless are complete myths and are not real at all.

If you want to get to the closest level, consider using Modafinil instead. It’s not about super-intelligence, it never was! 

Modafinil gives you a boost in focus, creativity, memory retention and other aspects of your personality that needs to be buffed.

A single dose of Modafinil is enough to take you a simply wakeful rise which as a student you could take plenty of benefits from.

Speaking of business professional, this might give you a plethora of creative ideas with a sense of being presentable and alarmed. 

ModafinilXL can get you the high-quality Modafinil at a much affordable price.