It All Starts in the Mind

You know the bulls**t that you have to go through on a daily basis Ozempic Coupon. Your mom wants you to be a woman. Your dad thinks you`re a worthless piece of sh** and doesn`t think that you`ll ever amount to anything. Hell, I know what pain is like. Is it my fault I was born this way or am i going to do something about it? You could turn to your friend but maybe HE just wants to turn you into a crackhead, or your other friend that wants to be your boyfriend, and when you tell him you`re not gay, he decides to throw you into the streets like he does with all of his other friends. So where do you turn?

Certainly not your sister! She does not know what pain is like. To the laptop computers, fancy cars, and attention you can never get Trenorol reviews. Its funny how they give you everything when the other one sleeps in an abandoned apartment. Is that fear in your eyes when that girl scares you? Who was there to help when you needed it? Was she ever there for me? NO!

Maybe you could turn to your neighbor who you`ve been friends with all of your life. He`ll tell you that you are a loser and that you will never amount to anything in life. Some friend huh! It`s funny how one year later he gets jealous of what you do and wants to destroy every amount of hard work that you put in Best Turkesterone Supplements Online. “I don`t see you having the patience to do this.” Now do you see the patience I`ve put in! What are you going to do about it now!